Welcome Friends and Fellow Artists!

We're happy you came to visit.

We want to provide a place to share new possibilities in creativity and offer the kinds of new, unusual and harder-to-find products, projects and techniques to help get there. We're happy that you have decided to come along with us.

During our years of being in the arts and craft materials business, we have met many like-minded people. Some of them have developed great new products, some new techniques and some are just a whole lot of fun to be around.

But they all share our commitment to making creativity accessible to all people, no matter what their skill level. And they share our commitment to using only non-toxic, user-friendly products that won't harm the environment.

We will continue to add more products and projects, and are planning a newsletter and a blog in the near future.  We will also add classes, online and otherwise in the near future. For now, please check out the rest of our pages and let us know what you think. You can contact us at info@littleandlight.com.

Someone much wiser than either of us said, "If you want to walk faster, walk alone. If you want to walk farther, walk with a friend."

We are glad to have you join us.

Sandy & Christa

Time to Create a Garden Sculpture of Your Own

The weather is improving, flowers are blooming and your garden is begging for new spring accessories.  Isn't it time you answered the call?
Check out our shop for the products  you need to dress up your garden.   Maybe something colorful for those in-between bloom times?  Or a bronze sculpture for those more formal occasions?  Or simply something whimsical that makes you and your guests smile whenever you stroll through or pass by?

With our products and your imagination, the beautiful blue sky is the limit!
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